Solar systems

Solar systems

The primary requirement for the creation of a solar installation for solar energy is to have a direct and sufficient sunshine without shading of the parcel or the roof. SolarEntarprise Ltd. offers photovoltaic systems that are adaptable to different types of spaces you have available.

The photovoltaic systems are classified according to their functional and operational requirements, component configurations and the way the equipment is connected to other energy sources and electrical loads. The two major classifications of reference network are: connected systems and stand-alone systems. The photovoltaic systems can be designed to provide DC and/or supply services. The systems may operate connected to or independently from the power network and can be connected to other energy sources and energy storage systems.

The solar systems of SolarEntarprise Ltd. are a good choice for almost any household or industrial enterprise. The solar systems are suitable for places where there is no electricity network or the consumer’s choice is to cut costs for electrical energy. This applies not only for new buildings but also for old ones. It is sufficient to have a roof or a flat surface and the solar installation adapts.

SolarEntarprise Ltd. offers all kinds of solar (photovoltaic) systems developed and tested on the Bulgarian market:

  • Micro solar systems
  • Off-grid solar systems
  • Grid solar systems
  • Solar lighting
  • Photovoltaic parking
  • Solar pumps

Commercial roofs (Industry Roof Photovoltaic Systems)

SolarEnterprise’s photovoltaic commercial roof installations ensure profitability, reliability and solidity to business investments:


Whatever commercial roof top you have, we can make renewable energy together and help you business in long term profit

Фотоволтаична система на плосък покрив

The possibility of using a flat surface for the construction of a photovoltaic system enables the placement of the modules in keeping with the most advantageous azimuth, without needing to take into account the actual orientation of the building. While offering many project opportunities, however, installing equipment on flat roofs requires careful assessment of the actual space available, with particular reference to all the technological devices or architectural elements that may cause shading and thus reduce the total available area.

интегрирана PV система


We are able to integrate photovoltaic system into different architectural structure where there are several of benefits, such as: 



an integral solution makes it possible to balance both the technical and the aesthetical aspects of the architecture, without compromising the functionality of either, and therefore visually lightens the structure. This way, the photovoltaic system is an integral part of the building and does not appear foreign to the original construction.


the removal of the support structures that are normally used to support the non-integrated photovoltaic modules produces a compaction between the elements of coverage and the modules. The photovoltaic building material becomes true and an inseparable part of the structure.


the Feed-in-tariff acknowledges the highest incentive rate for fully integrated systems
In case of asbestos removal and disposal, the incentive rate is increased by 5%
Removal of the support structure will also produce a savings in the overall system cost


Ground based PV (Brown Field Photovoltaic Systems)

Фотоволтаична система на ЗЕМЯ

SolarEnterprise Ltd. produces and services are mainly focused on developing small, medium and large scale ground based grid-connections. We offer full installation support with are complete solar systems, we offer solutions according to your individual preferences and requirements, whether the installation involves difficult terrain or complex of slops design.   

SolarEnteprise Ltd. has designed fixed mounting system which perfectly fit our modules. Several different foundation options give the system the flexibility to be adaptable to various locations – even in sloping terrain. Low materials and maintenance costs as well as project-specific customization make our mounting systems a highly cost-efficient