SolarEntarprise Ltd. is a wholesaler of solar modules, inverters, controllers, batteries, other components and complete systems in accordance with the demand on the Bulgarian market. We offer a full range of services for the construction of photovoltaic systems. From consulting for roofing or ground, detailed analysis, solar auditing, administrative assistance, preliminary design, complete project, business plan under EU operational programs to financial support, delivery and installation of the solar plant. We will go through all the way for you! Our engineers integrate the systems in compliance with the EU standard; thereafter we offer control and upkeep of the investment.


Selection and delivery

SolarEntarprise Ltd. has significant relationships in the global solar market which enable us to work directly with leading international suppliers and to represent them on the Bulgarian market. We are distributors of the world's key companies in the production of modules and inverters that enable us to develop high quality and reliable photovoltaic systems for the Bulgarian market.


Development and implementation

SolarEntarprise Ltd. is influenced by qualified and experienced engineers who develop and then implement the systems. Our engineers are aware of all the novelties in the industry and strive to apply them in our systems.


Exploitation, monitoring and maintenance

SolarEntarprise Ltd. will be with you all the way of the work process and afterwards will monitor and maintain your system. We will conduct regular visits to serve your system which is part of our support for our customers. The service includes a visual inspection of the modules and inverters, cleaning the filters and applying necessary repairs. Furthermore, we will renew components, if necessary, as required by law or determined by the insurance company and check-up being conducted by the electricity distribution companies. The frequency of the maintenance depends on the location and shall be agreed beforehand with the client. We offer to our clients long-term contracts for 10 or 20 years.