Off-grid systems

Autonomous solar system

Autonomous solar system

The off-grid systems offered by SolarEntarprise Ltd. can be ground or roofing; connected to the electrical network or completely independent.

An off-grid system consists of solar modules, an off-grid inverter and rechargeable battery unit where the energy produced from the solar panels is being stored. Thus, the energy can be used in cases where there is no energy network or you want to use your own energy produced.

Off-grid systems of 1 kWp includes:

  • 4 Photovoltaic panels 250 Wp
  • 1 Inverter 24V 1200VA - efficiency: 94% voltage output 230 Vac
  • 1 Solar controller 12/24 V 40 A
  • 6 units Rechargeable batteries specifically designed for cycling work 8V 170Ah

Autonomous solar system

Depending on whether the system will be on ground or roofing, a construction is being mounted against the terrain (ground or roofing):

  • Solar cable 4 mm (the length is determined according to the terrain)
  • Collective dashboard with a constant DC overvoltage protection; fuses with a fusible plug and clamps
  • Grounding installation (grounding poles, splints, grounding clamps)
  • Installation materials: cable canal, PVC tubes, cable bandages, connectors, screws, nuts, washers, dowels, inverter stands and others.