SolarEntarprise Ltd. enjoys helping its clients when financing projects! We cooperate with national and international financial institutions and banks. When needed, we will take an active involvement in supporting our clients with the preparation of the necessary financial resources.

Upon customer's request, we will contact potential investors at a very early stage of the project to look at funding opportunities. As early as the conceptual design, we are sure that our photovoltaic plants, in all their aspects, will meet the requirements of the banks and financial institutions for bank lending. We will gladly take over the communication with the financial institutions for our customers which is often very technical and influenced by the risk thinking of banks.

For investors

If you believe in the future of the solar energy and would like to invest in a future-oriented industry, SolarEntarprise Ltd. offers attractive investment projects that combine returns and economic logic. Our projects are based on a secure investment analysis, standards for high quality photovoltaic modules and experienced engineering team. Our comprehensive studies and product development enables us to offer products oriented towards the future. And they provide security and high returns. Our experience in the financing and realization of photovoltaic projects gives us the confidence of many investors and returns that achieve forecasts. We have focused on the quality from the very beginning: precise forecasting of the profitability, investment plans and flexible investment schemes.

We offer the following services to our investors:

  • Acquisition of roof spaces and field parcels suitable for construction and installation of profitable photovoltaic systems
  • Selection of an ideal technological concept to implement optimized photovoltaic systems
  • Preparation of forecasts for profitability and returns on investment as well as investment and financial plans
  • Coordination of external financing upon request
  • Fundraising of additional funds (attracted capital), if necessary

Should you wish to express your interest in the current investment opportunities, please contact our Project Financing department at: infoatsolarenterprise [no] bg