SolarEntarprise Ltd. offers its clients a full project service which requires complex technical and economic concepts in order to achieve an optimum design of the solar plant to ensure the highest profitability. Our design team works closely with customers to find optimal solutions that are ideally adapted in the site. Project Manager will be appointed to support the client in all technical and commercial matters from the first step to the inclusion in the network.

We advise each system to be planned and designed severally, so we can ensure trouble-free installation, consistency, high efficiency and ultimate customer satisfaction.

SolarEntarprise Ltd. designs photovoltaic plants for more than 10 years. We are one of the first companies engaged in photovoltaic power plants in Bulgaria. It is very important when designing a project to find the best optimal solution for your needs, requirements on the final product and tailored to your budget.

Designing includes:

  • Technological Project
  • Architectural Project
  • Electro Project
  • Construction Project
  • HSP (Health and Safety Plan) and FS (Fire Safety)
  • Geodesy
  • Monitoring and Control
  • Thunder Protection
  • Transformer
  • Power Route
  • Low-voltage Installations

In the off-grid solar systems​ it is not required a project to be submitted to the municipality, we will prepare only working project for construction of the system according to your needs and consumption. It is important for the off-grid solar systems to be properly dimensioned to your consumption.

In the grid connected photovoltaic systems up to 30 kWp it is required a constructive standpoint and project part Electrical - under Article 147, paragraphs 1 and 2 of the LSP (Law on Spatial Planning).

In the grid connected photovoltaic systems above 30 kWp it is required an investment project to be prepared and consisting the following parts: Electrical, Constructive, Geodesy, Architecture, Plan for Health and Safety and Fire Safety.