Energy Audit

SolarEntarprise Ltd. prepares solar energy audit to calculate the exact solar radiation and determines the potential shading of the exact location where the construction of photovoltaic systems is planned according to GPS coordinates.

Owing to the Energy audit, besides the exact allocation of the system, we can calculate the future annual productivity and the seasonal conditions. These details are vital for the calculation of the financial model of the photovoltaic system.

The Energy audit is a service that is always carried before the construction of a photovoltaic system for the purpose of deriving of the maximum sunlight and responding to the customer’s needs.

The Energy audit includes:

  • Determining the exact GPS coordinates and altitude;
  • Measuring of the solar resources of the designated point;
  • Measuring and Determining the exact solar radiation that falls on sq. m/year in kilowatts at optimal slope of the construction for the designated coordinates. When measuring, data from specialized software is being used with statistic details from precise solar maps of the country territory.
  • Proposals for type of the photovoltaic modules, technology and construction for the assigned space for building at the exact coordinates;
  • Defining of the systemic losses in the various types of modules and inverters;
  • Calculating of the annual production of electricity (by months) at the various systems and combinations of the types of modules and inverters;
  • Calculating of future monetary flows from energy-production process of the system;

The SolarEntarprise Ltd. team aims to prepare accurate and precise Solar Energy Audits that will inform the investors on the exact rate of return on the future photovoltaic plant of their chosen sites or roofing constructions.​